June 09, 2021

Memorable Moments from New Pokémon Snap

From adorable friendships to unexpected behaviors, get a thrilling perspective on Pokémon.

When you travel to the Lental region, there's no telling what you might find. The anticipation of climbing aboard the NEO-ONE and wondering which Pokémon you'll encounter on your next research expedition is one of the greatest things about New Pokémon Snap. With more than 200 Pokémon to observe and photograph, there's no shortage of humorous moments, dramatic standoffs, and unexpected discoveries.

Sure, honing your wildlife photography skills is great, but the opportunity to observe the interesting behaviors of Pokémon in the wild—and even impact those behaviors—is a rare treat. It's difficult to choose a favorite encounter with so many different Pokémon to choose from, but here are 12 memorable moments from New Pokémon Snap that stood out. The locations of these events are also listed so you can discover them yourself!

Cuddly Torterra

Where can you find it?
Florio Island, Florio Nature Park (Night), Research Level 1

Despite the Continent Pokémon's intimidating appearance, a night excursion through Florio Nature Park proves that Torterra is, in fact, quite friendly. The comparatively tiny Pichu and Grookey can be spotted securely snuggled up against Torterra as the trio sleeps. And later in the course, a contented Scorbunny can be seen lounging on Torterra's back as the Pokémon marches solidly along.

Flourishing Friendships

Where can you find it?
Florio Island, Illumina Spot, Research Level 2

Meganium is a breathtaking sight, glowing vibrantly with Illumina energy. The sense of wonder and joy inspired by a Meganium encounter is only enhanced by the sight of Eevee prancing on the gigantic Pokémon's back. As you watch the smaller Eevee leap and dance around the much larger Meganium, you may even find yourself wishing you could join them.

On a Roll

Where can you find it?
Voluca Island, Sweltering Sands (Day), Research Level 1

Like a tumbleweed drifting across a desert landscape, Cacnea appears to enjoy rolling its way across the Sweltering Sands. And while there are certain undeniable battle advantages to being covered in spikes, one of the disadvantages is that when a fluffruit is thrown at them, the fruit tends to stick. And when that happens, onlookers are treated to the sight of the Cactus Pokémon, with fluffruit attached, tumbling down the sand in a whimsical whirl of fruit and sand and spikes.

Sun's Out, Guns Out

Where can you find it?
Maricopia Islands, Maricopia Reef (Day), Research Level 1

Maricopia Reef offers a rich buffet of humorous—and sometimes nail-biting—Pokémon interactions. Chief among these encounters is rounding a corner and finding the exceedingly muscular Machamp poised on a rock and flexing all four of its considerable biceps. As chaos dominates the air and water around it, Machamp continues to flex and pose with all the gravitas of a bodybuilding champion.

Water They Doing?

Where can you find it?
Maricopia Islands, Maricopia Reef (Day), Research Level 3

Two Machamp references with more than 200 potential Pokémon to feature might sound like preferential Pokémon treatment...until you see the epic race between Sharpedo and the Superpower Pokémon. Machamp takes a break from flexing its muscles to leap into the water, kicking off the most riveting swimming race you're ever likely to see. With other Pokémon (including Wingull and Wailord) appearing in the background to set the scene, everything about this race is legendary.

Karate Kid

Where can you find it?
Belusylva Island, Elsewhere Forest, Research Level 3

Pancham is known as the Playful Pokémon, so there's something adorably precocious about Pancham's commitment to training. The Pokémon can be spotted along the summer route of Elsewhere Forest, practicing its moves in the bamboo while sporting a fierce expression. Sometimes Pancham practice together, and occasionally Shiftry can be seen assisting Pancham, too.

Spin Cycle

Where can you find it?
Durice Island, Shiver Snowfields (Day), Research Level 1

Watching a group of Spheal roll gleefully across the ice is peak happiness. Like the Cacnea in the Sweltering Sands, Spheal appears to use rolling as both a method of travel and a form of play. And it gets even more entertaining when the rotund figures bounce against one another or roll into other Pokémon.

Ah-hooo, Werewolves of Lental

Where can you find it?
Voluca Island, Sweltering Sands (Night), Research Level 1

While the Lental region is filled with humor and delight, there are some moments and Pokémon that inspire a healthy dose of terror. If your first sight of a Lycanroc in its Midnight Form slinking through the sand dunes raises goose bumps, you're not alone. The Wolf Pokémon's glowing red eyes and predatory slouch could be pulled straight from a horror story.

Don't Jynx It

Where can you find it?
Durice Island, Shiver Snowfields (Night), Research Level 2

New Pokémon Snap boasts countless incredible encounters with Pokémon hitching a ride on a larger Pokémon's back, but it never gets old. In fact, the sight of a Jynx riding an Avalugg through a cold, white snowscape has an otherworldly quality to it. You might even mistake the Iceberg Pokémon for yet another glacier drifting through the freezing waters. It's a moment you'll feel fortunate to have witnessed.

Time to Bounce

Where can you find it?
Belusylva Island, Founja Jungle (Night), Research Level 2

The Bounsweet fluttering through Founja Jungle are a charming, playful presence. But if you play a melody at the start of the course, the Bounsweet will unwittingly find themselves in an Ariados web. While the Bounsweet in the web are relatively calm while Ariados is asleep, if you throw a fluffruit and wake the Pokémon, you'll get quite a terrified reaction from the Bounsweet...followed by a quick escape!

We Believe in Blastoise

Where can you find it?
Maricopia Islands, Maricopia Reef (Evening), Research Level 1

Want to see something really neat? Use fluffruit to eventually knock the poor Squirtle standing on the rock near the whirlpool into the drink. After you toss a bunch of Illumina orbs into the whirlpool, Blastoise will spin out of it with Squirtle on its back before rocketing away on twin blasts of water! The heroic Blastoise is truly a friend to all unevolved Pokémon.

A Tyrantrum of a Tantrum

Where can you find it?
Voluca Island, Fireflow Volcano, Research Level 1

If you happen to be a big fan of that scene in Jurassic Park when the Tyrannosaurus rex decides to chase down a Jeep full of people, you're in for a treat. Because in New Pokémon Snap, you're the one being chased. But instead of a T-rex, it's a Tyrantrum. And instead of a Jeep, you're in the NEO-ONE, which doesn't look any sturdier than a Ford Explorer. And while a Tyrantrum tantrum might sound entertaining, it's more than a little terrifying to experience.

These thrilling and adorable encounters represent just a small fraction of everything you can experience in New Pokémon Snap. Don't forget to revisit each course and make the most of tools like fluffruit, the melody player, and the scanner to experience new Pokémon behaviors that will earn better photo scores. Can't get enough? Learn more about New Pokémon Snap.

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