Pokémon TCG Championship Points

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Pokémon TCG Championship Points are awarded to players based on how well they finish at each Pokémon Championship Series event.

These events include:

About the Championship Points System

All Championship Series events award Championship Points to players who finish in 1st place in their age division. Players finishing below 1st place earn points only if the attendance at a specific event and in their age division reaches a specific threshold. The awarding of additional Championship Points at an event based on attendance is called the Kicker.

Each Championship Series event has a Best Finish Limit. This is the maximum number of scores that can count for that series, with higher-scoring placements replacing lower scores.

To be eligible for Championship Points and Play! Points, players must have a registered Player ID attached to their Pokémon Trainer Club account and must opt in to the Play! Pokémon program.

Pokémon TCG Championship Points Tables

Championship Points (CP) will be used to determine various awards during the 2022 season, including Pokémon World Championships invitations.

The CP that eligible players earned in 2020 will transfer in whole to the 2022 season. Players will continue to add to this total with any CP earned in the 2022 season. Read the latest news on the 2022 Championship Series for more details.

Check back later for CP tables for the 2022 Championship Series season.

Championship Series Events

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